Back In Time Clock Repair

Back In Time Clock Repair offers expert clock repair with reasonable delivery time. We repair all clocks, antique to new, including battery and quartz. We have very limited grandfather clock repair, due to the fact that Covid 19 has kept us from entering homes. You are welcome to bring your movement in for evaluation. We will strive to meet your needs as best we can. Bring your portable wall and table clocks to the shop. We will evaluate it and give you a free, no-obligation estimate for repair.  All work is guaranteed.
Some services we offer:
  • Complete assessment
  • Mechanical works completely broken down, cleaned and dried
  • Bushings
  • Reassembly, oiling and time keeping
  • Movement put in proper beat
  • Replacement works and parts as needed
  • Replacement quartz movements
  • Electric motors rebuilt whenever possible 
  • Mechanical movements changed to quartz movements
  • Other services as needed
A selection of overhauled and guaranteed clocks are for sale, as listed here.