White Tea

White tea, like black and green tea, is made from the Camellia sinensis plant and contains polyphenols, a set of phytonutrients that are thought to be responsible for the health effects of tea. Different white teas have different amounts of catechins, a category of polyphenols, and the overall range of concentrations overlaps with that of green tea, meaning that some white teas have the same concentration of polyphenols as some green teas. This may be due to the variety of the tea plant from which the tea was picked, the cultivation technique, and the way in which the tea was processed.

*White Tea – One of the highest grades of white tea, Pai Mu Tan is naturally withered for an excellent clear cup with fresh aroma, velvety flavor and delicate jammy notes of Keemun or Bordeaux.  Try it with Lavender!
White - Pai Mu Tan 1oz.$4.504.50
49 White - Pai Mu Tan 1oz. Kathy’s Kove & Kafé
Light rose with astringent cherry notes. Natural white tea character abounds.
White - Sakura Cherry Rose 1oz.$4.504.50
50 White - Sakura Cherry Rose 1oz. Kathy’s Kove & Kafé
White-Lavender  1oz
White-Lavender 1oz$4.504.50
116 White-Lavender 1oz Kathy’s Kove & Kafé